Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The policy of refunds applicable to
Refunds are divided into two categories:

  • ✔ Before approving the paper.
  • ✔ After approving the paper.

Before Approval: 
The client may qualify for a 100% refund if:

  • ✔ is unable to provide the client with a suitable writer.
  • ✔ The deadline has passed, and the client no longer wants the paper that is yet to be delivered to his/her account. (this does not apply to the revisions)
  • ✔ There was a payment error, like double payment or identical orders.

The client will be eligible for a seventy percent refund if:

The writer has started working on the order, and less than half of the deadline has passed. The writer who has already begun working on the paper needs to be compensated.

The client will get fifty percent refund if:

More than half of the deadline has passed since assigning the order to the writer. is unable to provide the client with a writer for the revision.
Every client can review the paper and ask for additional corrections if necessary. However, once he/she presses the approve button which gives him/her access to editable and printable version of the paper, one should not ask for a refund. By approving, clients confirms their satisfaction with the overall quality and have not complained about the writer’s work.

The multiple choice questions assignments are not subjected to any refund. The use of answers provided means the approval of the quality of work.

When asking for a full refund, the client does not have the right to use the paper or any of the additional materials that we may have sent you during the course of work. All these materials become a property of the company, and Papers Bureau reserves the right to publish the paper online for commercial purposes. We do not keep any document databases and publish online means that if the paper is searched online or checked with any anti-plagiarism software’s, it will link back to our website. We do this to protect our writer’s work in cases where the client claims a refund after work had been delivered.

We do not assure any particular grade and cannot receive a refund in case you were poorly assessed. Discounts and extras are not refundable.

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